Yell Staff Accuse Management of Ignoring Fraudulent Behaviour

The following excerpts have been taken from a selection of Yell staff reviews posted on


“The whole thing is a con unless you want to compromise your ethics to make money”


You will be selling a product which 99/100 times has zero return on investment for the SME’s you sell to. The numbers of views on or Facebook are fabricated and down to the sales team clicking them daily when showing the stone age directory they can provide you. Along with this comes the pressure to sell to someone even if it will push their business over the edge. As a business they deny you the right to drop out of a contract even when it doesn’t deliver.”


You’re actively encouraged to mislead people with stats in your sales pitch.  Hard sales tactics, you have to sell on the day and are forced to pressure people into decisions because if they don’t buy on the day and do any due diligence you will not sign them. The advertising doesn’t work as the products are not fit for purpose, this weighs down on you big time especially as you build great relationships with customers and you know that 95% of the time it won’t work out for them. 

The opposite of a customer-centric company, trap people in long term contracts with products that don’t perform, and potentially ruin their businesses as a result. Team managers don’t understand digital marketing and try push you to sell at all costs instead of what’s right for the customer.”


“At the moment it’s too focused on the “hard sell” with our approach based on selling off emotion and cost/capacity to force same day sales as customers are never going to agree to come to Yell if they read recent reviews online.”


“Zero tolerance on losing a sale, always could have been put ‘over the line today’ extreme pressure selling to clients encouraged. Encouraged to objection handle to the point of harassment and being hung up on or abused by customers on the call.

Literally hell on earth. – Misrepresented the position in interview stage. – was explicitly told ” ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ reviews online are completely false to come into the role and be presented with videos of Jordan Belfort’s sales techniques as training my management. the list goes on and on.”


“Management turn a blind eye to fraudulent behaviours from the biggest selling telesales (no wonder as they are cheating the system)”


“Absolute shambles. Teach you to missell then sack you when they are caught out”

“Managers are gangsters and I don’t know how they sleep at night”


“The job and Yells place in the marketplace have changed. We pretend we have market-leading products but not one product would I recommend to a friend or family member. You’re micro-managed to hit targets instead of providing real value to customers. Flagship product is now hugely overpriced and offers no value to customers for the searches they appear for. The Apple partnerships we boast about mean nothing to our paid listings, our search traffic is actually declining.”

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