Yell Claims Integrity is a “New Value”

Yell staff have posted 135 negative reviews about their experience of working for the company on

Most of these reviews claim that customers were mis-sold products and provided no benefit to their business.

Yell’s Head of Recruitment, Dora Denman, does her best to respond to these complaints and desperately attempts to paint a rosy picture of working at Yell.

One of my favourite comments from Ms Denman is in response to a review (posted on 5th August 2020) which accuses the company of fraud:


“It is really unfortunate that you had some negative experience though and we do apologise for that. Integrity is one of [our] new values across the organisation and anyone conducting fraud will not have a future with Yell.”


The clear implication of this statement is that integrity was not a value previously held at Yell.  The obvious question is, therefore, “What actions are now being taken to compensate those customers who were victims of this lack of integrity and fraud?”


“If you make a mistake and do not correct it, this is called a mistake.”
― Confucius


I suspect it was also MS Denman who also recently confessed,


“The service we offer customers today is not where we want it to be with 1 in 3 customers leaving us each year, 1 in 4 customers complaining about us, low NPS and a range of poor reviews across a variety of external platforms.”


If so, Ms Denman wins my award for the most honest employee working at Yell. She should be promoted immediately!


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