Read a small selection of the 3,000+ misselling complaints we have received from Yell customers.


“Yell’s agent used language that was deliberately misleading, such as “we can definitely get a return on investment on that for you”.

I wasn’t given any information on the nature of the contract or time to read the terms and conditions before being made to sign the e-contract whilst on the phone. I wasn’t aware that I’d be locked in to the contract and with no option to discontinue if I wasn’t happy with the service.

Yell’s service has been totally ineffective. Additionally, the third spot I was promised in local listings never materialised.”

Emma Thomas

Helping Hands Craft


“Yell’s agent told me I would increase sales and become visible on Google. This has not happened.

I have had at the most three calls from my listing on They also pressured me into making a decision and that I couldn’t have this deal if I didn’t sign up there and then.

I contacted the sales reps within two weeks of my agreement to try and cancel my contract with them and their response was ‘business to business terms and conditions say that you cant cancel your contract”

Jacob Bromfield

Floorworkz Ltd


“I was missold by Yell with promises that my company would be in the top three of Google in three areas. When I checked I was actually closer to the bottom.

The website they built was awful with pictures relating to different services I offer in completely the wrong context. 

Yell’s sales agent pushed me into signing everything without a chance to read the T&Cs and made false promises.

I tried cancelling after a week to be told there is no cooling-off period, I would never have signed if I was informed that!”

Paul Heller

Sten-con Driveways Ltd


“We were promised leads and advertising and the build of my website, none of which have been completed.

We were also not told about the 12-month contract. I feel Yell trapped us by misselling and not being able to get out of the contract “

David Buckley

Absolute Property Maintenance Group Ltd


“I was promised increased customer calls, a prominent Google ad positioning and a variety of keyword searches. They took my money and I got none of the things promised”

Chantell McNeish



“They convinced me that advertising on would attract clients. They told me that my competitors have been advertising with Yell for years “so it must be worthwhile”.

I haven’t received a single view, click through, or message via

The “bespoke, professional Google-optimised” website they built for me is garbage. There was clearly zero care taken in the build or design. It now ranks lower on Google than the original site it was built to replace!”

Tom Power

Tom Power Guitar Academy


“I didn’t realise I was being put into a B2B contract with no cancellation possibility, with fewer rights than a consumer even though I am a Sole Trader. I was promised the world and that Yell would help me grow my business and see so many leads coming through that it would be paying for itself plus profits. “

Kyriacos Savva

Chase & Cable Electrical


“I was promised loads of jobs weekly (lies). I was promised I would get monthly calls from my personal rep (lies). I was promised the earth and Yell did not deliver.”

Peter Branfoot



“I feel that I was missold to by Yell. I felt pressured into buying services that I did not want or need and at a price I could not afford as a sole trader in the first year of setting up my business. My direct debits payments were also higher than I was led to believe. “

Lewis Biddle

Level Up Landscape Gardens