Yell Caused My Depression

“I run a car valeting business based in the Birmingham area. In 2019, I was contacted by Yell who arranged for one of their sales agents to visit my house.

The agent ran a “reputation scan” of my business which showed a 99% “error rating”. He explained that Google wouldn’t show my website in their search results because of this poor error rating.

He further explained that because Yell was “Google’s biggest Premier Partner” he would be able to get my business on to the front page of Google.

He then advised me to get my friends and family to leave a 5-star review for my business online. He said I will receive endless calls and enquiries by using Yell’s products and offered a bogus discount to pressure me into signing a contract.

None of the claims he made were true and I received no benefit from using any of Yell’s products.

I have experienced serious depression from the ridiculous number of calls from Yell pressuring me to pay for their missold products. I didn’t want to talk to any of my family or friends for months and almost had to close my business. I am still suffering to this day, but slowly getting better.

Had I been aware of Yell’s practices, I would never have signed up in the first place.”

Mathew Dalton –  Mats Wax Valeting Services 

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