How To Move Your Website Away From Yell

If you wish to escape an onerous contract with Yell, you may be wondering what will happen to the website Yell may have built for your business.

This article explains how to move your site away from Yell and save yourself a considerable amount of money in the process.


Why should I move my website away from Yell?

The first reason to move a site away from Yell is that you are currently overpaying for an inferior product that could be easily purchased elsewhere at a substantially lower cost.

Yell charges a fee of £700 + Vat to build a basic ten-page website. Even their most-basic website package costs £149 + Vat for a site with a maximum of only two pages. Yell then charges an additional fee of £42 per month for website hosting and maintenance.

Yell websites are built using basic templates from a third-party platform called Duda. The same website purchased directly from Duda costs as little as £11.20 per month with no setup fee.

Yell outsources all web design to a third-party agency (typically based in Asia) which simply modifies a basic Duda template with your own text and images. As a result, one Yell website looks almost identical to any other Yell website.


Do I need a professional web designer?

For the typical website required by Yell’s small business customers, there is no need to hire a professional web designer or pay expensive up-front costs. There is now a wide range of simple DIY solutions that make building a website no more complicated than creating a Facebook page for your business.

Companies such as SquareSpace, Shopify, and Wix all offer drag and drop templates to which you can simply upload your text and images without the need for a professional web designer. These packages cost from as little as £6 per month with no setup fee.

If you want to keep the same template currently used on your site, you could use the same Duda templates that Yell used to build your website from as little £11 per month.

If you really lack the confidence to build your own DIY site, you may wish to hire a competent local web designer who has been personally recommended to you by other local business owners.

The amount you save in Yell’s monthly hosting costs will more than compensate for the cost of hiring a freelance web designer to rebuild your site.

You will find plenty of recommendations for good web designer from your local community Facebook group. You are also likely to receive a far better service from someone based in your local area than from an outsourced call centre based in Asia.


Could I duplicate my Yell website on another platform?

Despite having paid hundreds of pounds for Yell to build your site, Yell’s Terms & Conditions state that you may not transfer your website to any third party. Although you paid for the website, you do not legally own it.

You can, however, download any images or text you supplied to Yell and use them on any other platform of your choice.

You can use a free tool such as HTTrack  to download the entire contents of your site to your computer and then upload them to your new site. There are several other similar free tools available online.

The fact that you don’t own, and can’t control, your own site is another good reason to move your website away from Yell. You should never hand the keys to your business to any third-party.


How can I move my domain name away from Yell?

If you are still making payments to Yell, you can email Yell to request the transfer of your domain name to another platform. They should only refuse if they believe you have an outstanding debt.

If your domain name ends with .uk, you don’t even need Yell’s permission. You can complete a simple form on the Nominet website to re-establish your identity. After paying a £12 administration fee, Nominet will then release your domain and make it available for you to transfer to any other provider. This stops Yell from holding your domain name to ransom.

Moving your domain and website away from Yell should result in you having a better site, at a lower cost and give you full control of the site. You can then finally be rid of the hell that is Yell.

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