The Evidence

In this (8 min) video you will hear some of the evidence used in the group action claim against Yell

Video Transcript

We have recently been provided with written and verbal accounts from several current and former members of Yell staff, admitting that sales agents consistently made false claims to customers and miss-sold Yells contracts.


These staff members further admit that this misselling was carried out with the full knowledge of their managers and that this is how they were trained to sell Yell’s products. They are also willing to testify to this in court.


We have also obtained a recording of a senior Yell manager, admitting the customers were being lied to and mis-sold contracts. In addition, we have recently been made aware of a court judgment made last year in which it was ruled that Yell’s contract was invalid.


Starting today, we will be launching a Group Action legal claim against Yell in conjunction with Croft Solicitors. We estimate the total value of this claim will be between £10m-£20m. Croft Solicitors are one of the UK’s leading litigation law firms with considerable experience in winning group claims.


This case will be led by their Managing Director, Mr. Rupert Croft, who was described by Legal 500 as “one of the top litigation solicitors in the UK”. Most importantly, Croft care passionately about getting justice for every customer that has been ripped off by Yell.


What is this going to cost?

If you wish to join this claim, there’ll be a small registration fee that will need to be paid to cover some of the initial legal work and administration.


This fee will be based on the total value of your claim with an average cost of around £50 per claimant. For any Yell customers who are experiencing severe financial hardship, Croft has agreed to waive this fee. All of the other costs in this case will be charged on a no-win, no-fee basis, if successful, and we win this case, no claimant will receive less than half the amount of their total recovery.


Who can take part in this claim?

Essentially anyone who was mis-sold a contract by Yell. As I have never met any Yell customer that was not mis-sold to, that essentially means every Yell customer.

  • If Yell told you that they would improve your visibility on Google,
  • If they told you that your business received a poor error rating from Google,
  • If they told you that you would gain more business by using Yell services,
  • If they told you that their partnership with Google or Apple would gain your business more prominence,
  • If they didn’t clearly explain to you that you were signing up to a 12-month contract with no cooling-off period,
  • If you were pressured into signing a contract immediately with the offer of a fake discount,
  • If they didn’t inform you that half of your advertising budget would be taken by Yell as a management fee,
  • If they didn’t clearly explain to you that you wouldn’t own your own website,


If any of those things applies to you, then it’s likely that you were mis-sold, and you can join this claim. You will, however, only be able to claim for the past six years’ worth of payments and any other losses you incurred. If you have already cancelled your contract with Yell, our objective is to win this case and put a stop to Yell’s debt collectors, chasing you for the money.


If you have already received a refund from your bank, winning this claim will give you the peace of mind that you can keep that money and claim additional damages for any lost profits.


What are our chances of winning this claim?

We now have an overwhelming body of evidence to prove that Yell we’re guilty of misselling and making false claims.


  • As I mentioned, we have written accounts from Yells staff admitting to misselling and confirming that this was how they were trained.
  • We have an account from a senior manager at Yell admitting that customers were miss-sold.
  • We have the judgment of a past court case that determined that Yells contract was invalid.
  • We have more than 65 sales call recordings showing miss selling by Yell agents on every call.
  • We have accounts from expert witnesses that prove Yell’s products don’t work as claimed.
  • We have proof of manipulated reviews by Yell on Trustpilot and Google.
  • We have evidence that Yell are in breach of the Consumer Credit Act for not explaining the lack of a cooling off period and for their failure to disclose their commission.


All of the legal professionals involved in this case, believe that the evidence we have should be more than sufficient to prove that Yell is guilty of misselling.


How will this all work?

We will start by launching a campaign in the national press on TV and radio, inviting every Yell customer to join this claim and to expose Yell’s activities. We will be launching a national advertising and PR campaign to publicise this group action to all Yell customers.


Yell will then be invited to settle this claim before it reaches court. If they refuse a fair settlement, the case will then be taken to the High Court. The cost of any court action will be covered by an insurance company on a no-win, no-fee basis.


A committee will be formed and known as the Yell Action Group to represent the interests of all claimants.


A website has now been launched at with more information about how you can join this claim and register your interest.


If you have already added your name to our legal claim form, you’ll receive more information by email very soon.


We will want to see as many customers as possible involved in this claim. So please register your interest, tell your friends, follow the Yell Action Group on Facebook, and share this information on Social Media and in your local community groups.


This is not all going to happen overnight, but I am extremely confident that this group action will get all Yell customers the justice they finally deserve.

Sales Call Recordings

In this (14 min) video you will hear recordings of sales calls by Yell’s agents making claims to customers which Yell’s managers describe as misseling.