How to complain to Google about Yell

Yell sales agents regularly claim that, “Yell is Google’s biggest partner”. They have also made several false claims suggesting that Yell has information on Google’s secret ranking algorithm.

Yell’s partnership with Google is a key reason why so many small business owners fall for Yell’s high-pressure sales patter.

If you wish to make a complaint to Google about Yell’s practices, you may do so using this Google complaint form.

You will be asked to select from a list of reasons for making your complaint.

  • The third party isn’t transparent about Google Ads performance.
    e.g. if you bought Google Advertising from Yell, did you notice that the performance reports you were provided did not match up with your own experience or other analytics software?


  • The third party misrepresents its relationship with Google.
    e.g. Did the Yell sales agent make any false claims about Yell’s partnership with Google or exaggerate the relationship in any way?


  • The third party misrepresents Google products or their capabilities related to Google products.
    e.g. Did they Yell sales agent make any claims about the number of new customers you would gain as a result of Google advertising?


  • The third party engages in unclear, deceptive, or harassing sales practices.
    e.g. Did the Yell sales agent harass you into purchasing any products or make any deceptive claims during the sales process?


  • The third party improperly uses Google Ads accounts.
    e.g. Did Yell make it any way difficult for you to access your Google Ads account or take control of your own Google advertising campaigns?


If you feel that any of the issues apply to you, you can raise a complaint with Google using this complaint form.


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