Register your interest in joining the claim

To register your interest in joining YAG, please complete the below form. You will then be provided with a link to the claimant portal to formally register as a claimant member.

Please note that completing this form does not mean that you are registered as a claimant in the group claim or commit you to taking any further action. To formally register as a claimant member of YAG, you will also need to complete the registration process on the claimant portal owned and administered by Group Management Technology Limited (GMT). GMT is not in any way affiliated to YAG.

Your personal data will be securely held and used only for matters relating to YAG and the group claim against Yell. It will not be used for any other purposes. Please note that by providing your contact details below and answering “yes” to the final question you are consenting to your information being passed to YAG’s legal representatives and GMT and to being contacted by YAG, their legal representatives and/or GMT in relation to the group claim. Please also see our privacy notice.