• Were you promised results by Yell that were never delivered?
  • Did Yell’s sales agent pressure you into signing a contract?
  • Are you now locked into a Yell contract from which you can’t escape?
  • Did Yell’s products provide no benefit to your business?

Thousands of Yell.com customers were lied to by Yell and missold advertising products on the basis of false claims and high-pressure sales techniques.

With the help of one of the UK’s leading law firms, we are bringing a Group Action claim against Yell.

The Evidence

Watch this (14 min) video showing evidence of Yell’s practices

Yell Complaints


“I was missold to by Yell. Especially with their promises of ranking on page one of Google. I was later told this was a lie by another Yell sales agent. I have not received a single client from my Yell advertising. Yell promised what they are unable to deliver.”

Nick Yoloye

DTY Consulting Ltd


“Yell’s broken PPC campaign affected my business in a very negative way. I wasn’t told about the 40% commission they take. I was duped into a Yell contract and it has cost my business dearly in lost trade and lost time. I feel greatly let down by a company I used to trust!”

Matthew Frith

Frith Frames Ltd


“I was told I would get many calls, but got none. I was told that if I pay for Reputation Manager it would sort out my company on Google, but it did absolutely nothing. Also, they attempted to take funds out of a personal account when they were given no authority to do so”

Robert Finlay

Essex Cleaning Solutions


“I was promised the world, loads of customers ringing my phone every week and more work than I could handle. When I said it wasn’t working they sold more products to “improve awareness”. In fact, they were just scamming more money out of me.”

Matthew Burrows

Autos Smart Repair

Seeking justice for small businesses

The Yell Action Group

The Yell Action Group is a non-profit association fighting for Yell’s small business customers.

We are a group of volunteers who have seen thousands of small businesses suffer as result of Yell’s practices and now want justice for small business owners across the UK.

We are working closely with Croft Solicitors to bring a Group Action claim against Yell Ltd and highlight Yell’s business practices in the national media.

To date, we have successfully assisted 3,000 small businesses to escape their Yell contracts and gain refunds in excess of £350,000.00

YAG News

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